Custom Frame Spray

This is a new service we would like to offer, our current price of $60 is based on a quad frame up to 225mm.

Frames are sanded lightly for maximum paint adhesion, primed and painted. With a few layers of clear coat to give it a nice gloss look and added strength. I would recommend at least 5-7 days for clear coat and paint to harden and cure properly before building your new quad.

While i do my best to keep the paint sticking and being as strong as possible on the frame, it does not mean that a stone/prop or concrete will not chip the paint off. The paint does however stand up really well to any crashes on grass.

Turn around time is based on the amount of work i have for this service. However i try to aim for 1 week.

Please note screws MAY chip the paint in some cases the first time after painting. This is not always the case.

There is no warranty cover for any damage to the paint once it has been delivered or picked up.

For more details please fill in the form below with details of what you would like done and what frame it is.

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