The Bfight has become popular recently due to its weight and strength.

The carbon is cut correctly and looks like a serious contender if you're looking for something agile, fast and strong at the same time.


Weight comes in at only 59g!!

Please note you will need 4 x 10mm screws to go through the arms and into the stack which should leave 2mm for the stack standoffs to hold on to.



Item name: Bfight210 FPV Racing Frame 

Wheel base: 210mm

Type: normal X frame 

Material: 3K carbon fiber

Thickness of frame arm: 4mm

Thickness of top plate: 1.5mm

Thickness of bottom  plate: 1.5mm

Weight: 59g (with screws)

Standoffs: M3*12*25mm


Bfight 210 Frame 4mm Ultralight