Lantian VTX Power Switch 5V-28V 1A 

This VTX Power Switch revolutionizes multirotor team racing by giving you the ability to turn on and off your FPV transmitter with the flip of a switch on your radio! With this super tiny board, pilot swaps can occur in less than one second. It also allows you to turn off your VTX before races to keep temperatures down while waiting for other pilots. 

Item name: VTX Power Switch

Weight: 0.5g with heatshrink

Dimensions: 10x12.5x2.5mm

Voltage: 5V-28V (Includes 6s HV packs)

Switch rating: 1A

Does not require a full UART to operate.

LED: Yes, Light on indicates power on. 

Can be connected on any pad on FC.

Smart Audio/Tramp on TX and RX for RealPit PinIO.


* Ultra fast pilot swapping.

* Keep you VTX cool before races.

* Plug in your VTx at any time with 0 power start-up.

* Compatible with all popular video transmitters.

* Allows you to turn off video after crashing to give other pilots better video. 

* Avoids blowing out other pilot's video while testing quad tune in the pits.

* Have up to 3 quads ready on the start line:

      Can allow extra practice quads ready to head out after a crash or dead pack.

      Solo enduracne races are also possible.

* Up to 4 switches per quad.

      Gives opportunity to control LEDs, DVRs or other devices under 1 amp draw. 

Currently Supported Software:

* Betaflight - PinIO 3.3.x or Greater

* Butterflight - PinIO

* FlightOne 1.2.4 + PINTOGGLE

      FlightOne may have a split-second power up on boot up and some VTXs may transmit during that time.

Lantian VTX Power Switch

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